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Our goal? To evolve your advertising & website to the next level with crazy value!

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business succeeds - ONLY through innovation and marketing

It is easier than you may believe to differentiate in the marketplace, which leads to crazy sales inflow!

BUT A WARNING: Digital Marketing at the present is in upheavel – leading to confusion.

Why? SO MUCH ADVICE.  Cherry-picking busy bodies shouting the ‘wrong-way’ to do your marketing.

This is a story you are told that essentially YOUR idea is insufficient, and some software, or method, is better and will solve your issues.


In partnership, small business turnover catapults ahead by using your specialised product knowledge combined with our website marketing expertise.

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What OUR clients say

"Always in contact and full of practical ideas and support - the website and brand Gareth advised was really strong, and with unique insights into the market, I built a unique brand in a competitive arena. I have confidence with my digital marketing and business direction. Thankyou!
Gareth is a unique web developer - he was dedicated 100% throughout the rebuild of my website. He is highly creative, well researched and the industry and many months after the build still provided his sound insights. This provided me with optimum results! Thanks you so much Gareth.
Gareth helped me build my website from scratch after another developer incorrectly did the plug ins and also helped with a variety of technical issues I was experincing, he did it quickly and it all turned out how I wanted it to, his care for this clients and service is second to none, would recommend
I don't need a marketing guy or IT guy...
That was the lie i told myself. I could not be happier on what Gareth and the AppSalon Team have done. They have recommendations on changing hosting providers, then they improve the user experience and page setup. They helped me with my Facebook and Google marketing and I was very happy with the progress.
Due to the various strategy changes my business has increased its profile on our chosen niche and from AppSalon's signature system and strategies I have seen increased traffic and sales through the website and through the store as well.
Gareth is great to work with and adapts his approach to his clients needs.
If you have issues with your website and or marketing strategies consider giving Gareth and his team a call. You won't be disappointed.
And if you want give me a call. I will vouch for AppSalon

The Team

Gareth Henry

I like to mix counter-intuitive content with best practice marketing to create surprising results

Helping small business market themselves since 2015, I realised in that year I couldn’t go through another slow period again, the small family business we had at risk of losing the house.  

I had to learn how to market effectively. 

From running an e-bay like store, to helping many business products & services rank number 1 on Google, my formative life experiences include 

  • Served as a rifleman in the Army
  • Communications & Mindset Coach training
  • Studied Engineering at University

Anne Elizabeth
VISUAL Designer

I’d like to say I’m a born artist, the world of creativity has always influenced me.  

Taking inspiration from a variety of content, I form my creativity into visual outputs. 

I work with a high attention to detail and a strategical approach towards design.

  • Masters in Visual Art and then pursued Graphic design
  • Graphic designer and marketing executive for much of the past two decades
  • Worked in multiple industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT, Automobile and Building Solutions.
what drives us

SOME OF our projects THE PAST YEAR

Building unique businesses and making established business flourish.


Got questions?

Please let us know if these do not address your concerns

Whether you are at startup stage or established, our price for website development and marketing your product, will be around the $5000 mark.  

We keep our initial marketing very budget friendly so you can see a great deliverable in building your business from us – all for the price of a 2nd hand car.

Then, you should expect leads which range from $10-$50 generally for high ticket items.  

For low ticket, we aim for a 4x increase in sales turnover compared to the advertising cost.

Digital Marketing is highly experimental and requires a big bang to get the engine started.  


And the cost of success depends, as sometimes multiple iterations and surveys are required before it works like magic.


Ideally, your product or service must be differentiate in the marketplace in some aspect to what exists already.  This makes digital marketing much cheaper.


We provide a premium service and the work is produced by Australian employees.


If you even decide to hand over the keys and data passwords to an agency, consider the following –

Who are you actually hiring? Many other ‘marketing businesses’ are very opaque.  They are not open with who they are, and who they employ.

At AppSalon, we have full accountability & transparency. 

This is our life’s work, you are woven into our success.

We do not employ a sales team – you talk straight to the director Gareth.  I am passionate about helping my clients build success and take your time and concerns seriously even if you arn’t a client – yet.  


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