OZ Discus

Mission was as follows:

  1. Create a catalogue of Discus, easy to upload to and manage
  2. Use sophisticated processes for member acquisition and sales.
  3. Create SEO framework.
  4. Provide marketing materials and designs.


  1. Highly successful google SERP presence for commercial keywords, high google rank, number 1 nationally on some Discus related products.
  2. Helped build a community of members simply and effectively.
  3. Sales and Delivery online streamlined.


Mission was as follows:

  1. To increase sales through the website.
  2. Totally rebuild many parts of the website and conversion optimise.
  3. Making the business function completely online, have the website function as a virtual fish store.
  4. Provide free SEO and paid traffic from Google with innovative processes.
  5. Create a unique design and highly functional and infographic rich content.
  6. To track sales through analytics.
  7. Implement gamified Loyalty program software system.
  8. Fully custom shop/cart templates enabling easy navigation of the store.Outcome:

  1. Objectives achieved, innovative SEO and conversion optimisation processes put into place that achieved quickly noticable results.
  2. Many unexpected hurdles ie. multiple lockdowns, closure of shop, shipping issues, and technical issues were successfully overcome through the website.
  3. Through training, consultation and collabaration, the website is able to be fully utilised and developed by the business owner.


Case Studies

Building unique website applications & marketing campaigns.