10 Examples Of Great Listicles That Get Traffic

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By Melissa Ng   |   Last Updated 29 April 2024

Understanding Listicles: A Simple Guide

What Is A Listicle And Why They Grab Attention

A listicle combines the words ‘list’ and ‘article.’

It presents information in numbered points, making it quick and easy to read. For example, titles like “10 secrets to…” or “5 easy ways to…” instantly grab your attention, compelling you to click.

This format is great because you can skip directly to the parts that interest you most. They often offer useful tips or knowledge, fulfilling the promises made in their headlines.

Next time you’re browsing, notice how listicles catch your eye — they’re like quick, satisfying snacks for your mind.

The Role Of Numbers In Listicles

Numbers help organise content clearly and logically, making listicles easy to follow.

Take “7 Steps to Better Sleep” as an example. Each step is clearly outlined, ready for you to discover.

This format not only helps you keep track of what you’ve read but also provides a sense of achievement as you progress. It’s also quite satisfying, kind of like knowing how many pages are left in a chapter before you finish reading for the night.

How To Create A Great Listicle

Choosing Your Topic: Make It Relevant And Engaging

Selecting the right topic for your listicle is crucial. Start with keyword research to see what interests your audience, or have a direct conversation with your followers to add a personal touch.

Your chosen topic should be both familiar to your readers and exciting enough to keep them coming back. Go beyond the basics; explore trends or uncover areas that lack coverage but could benefit from your knowledge.

If you’re passionate about the topic, it’s likely that your readers will be too about it with passion, it’s likely going to resonate with readers who are on the same wavelength.

Writing Captivating Headlines

A great headline is essential for drawing readers into your listicle. Here are some points to follow:

  • Begin with a number to catch the eye quickly.
  • Add engaging adjectives to spark interest in what follows.
  • Consider framing your headline as a question to arouse curiosity.
  • Include keywords to ensure it reaches the right audience.
  • Most importantly, ensure your content delivers on what your headline promises. This builds trust and encourages readers to return.

10 Successful Listicles

Qantas Travel Insider: 30 Of The Most Unique Airbnbs In The World

This article from Qantas Travel Insider showcases 30 unique Airbnbs from around the globe, from an igloo in Finland to a missile silo in Roswell, USA. It’s designed to spark your imagination about places like cosy cabins in the mountain country of New Zealand or amazing architectural villas in Bali. It’s perfect for anyone looking to add exciting destinations to their travel list.

Screenshot of Qantas Travel Insider article listing 30 unique Airbnbs around the world
Qantas Travel Insider features 30 unique Airbnbs from igloos to missile silos, perfect for adding excitement to your travel list

PCWorld: 23 Work-From-Home Tech Products That Will Level Up Your Office

PCWorld offers a list of 23 tech products that can enhance your home office setup. It includes items like ergonomic mice and keyboards and noise-cancelling headphones, all selected to improve productivity and comfort. This list is a great resource for anyone wanting to upgrade their work-from-home setup with a touch of technology.

Screenshot of PCWorld article listing 23 work-from-home tech products
PCWorld lists 23 tech products to enhance your home office, including ergonomic mice, keyboards, and noise-cancelling headphones

Hootsuite: 18 iPhone Photography Tips You Need To Know

Hootsuite provides 18 tips for iPhone photography, covering everything from basic composition (such as the rule of thirds) to hidden camera features to adjust focus and exposure settings. This listicle is a mini photography course, ideal for content creators and anyone wanting to improve their photography skills using just their phone.

Screenshot of Hootsuite article with 18 iPhone photography tips
Hootsuite offers 18 tips for improving your iPhone photography, from composition to hidden camera features

Buzzfeed: 50 DIY Decor Ideas To Sprice Up Your Home Instantly

Buzzfeed’s popularity boomed in the mid-to late 2000s with their listicles and quizzes, proving how a successful and viral listicle can draw in visitors to your website. This article in particular lists 50 DIY home decor ideas to add a personal touch to your living spaces.

These projects range from simple washi tape decorations to more hefty furniture makeovers, offering creative ways to personalise your home. It’s a great guide for DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their space without spending a lot.

Screenshot of Buzzfeed article listing 50 DIY decor ideas to spruce up your home
Buzzfeed shares 50 DIY decor ideas to add a personal touch to your living spaces, perfect for DIY enthusiasts

Homes To Love: 12 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products To Use

Homes To Love highlights 12 eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective and kind to the planet, such as cleaning concentrates where you just add water. This listicle is useful for anyone looking to make environmentally conscious choices in their household cleaning practices.

Screenshot of Homes To Love article listing 12 eco-friendly cleaning products
Homes To Love highlights 12 effective and eco-friendly cleaning products for environmentally conscious households

What Is Quinn Reading?: 21 Thrillers With Truly Wild Plot Twists

This listicle by What Is Quinn Reading? features 21 thrillers known for unexpected plot twists, perfect for readers who enjoy suspense and surprises. Each book promises to keep you guessing and provide a thrilling reading experience.

Screenshot of What Is Quinn Reading? article listing 21 thrillers with wild plot twists
What Is Quinn Reading? features 21 thrillers known for their unexpected plot twists, perfect for suspense lovers

Good Housekeeping: 20 Fun Learning Activities For Kids To Enjoy At Home

Good Housekeeping suggests 20 educational and fun activities for kids. These activities are designed to make learning enjoyable and creative, turning everyday spaces into interactive learning environments.

Screenshot of Good Housekeeping article listing 20 fun learning activities for kids to enjoy at home
Good Housekeeping suggests 20 educational and fun activities for kids to make learning enjoyable and creative

Men’s Health: 45 Of The Best Exercises To Boost Your Home Workout Gains

Men’s Health outlines 45 exercises to enhance your home workouts, covering various muscle groups such as upper body, lower body, and core, with clear instructions and pictures. This list is like having a personal trainer guide you through each step, ideal for anyone serious about fitness at home and with minimal equipment required.

Screenshot of Men's Health article listing 45 best exercises to boost your home workout gains
Men’s Health outlines 45 exercises to enhance your home workouts, covering various muscle groups with clear instructions

Forbes: 5 Best Mental Health Apps To Try In 2024

Forbes reviews five mental health apps, each offering unique features to support well-being. These apps provide tools for meditation, mood tracking, and more, turning your smartphone into a resource for mental health.

Screenshot of Forbes article listing 5 best mental health apps to try in 2024
Forbes reviews five mental health apps offering features like meditation and mood tracking to support well-being

CarsGuide: The Top 10 Fully Electric Cars In Australia

CarsGuide details the top 10 electric cars available in Australia, from stylish sedans to durable SUVs. Each model is highlighted for its eco-friendliness and performance, aimed at car buyers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Screenshot of CarsGuide article listing the top 10 fully electric cars in Australia
CarsGuide details the top 10 electric cars in Australia, highlighting eco-friendliness and performance for car buyers

SEO And Shareability: Boosting Your Listicle’s Reach

How To Optimise Your Listicle For Search Engines

To make your listicle more visible online, start by using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Semrush to find what people are searching for. Incorporate these keywords naturally into your title, headings, and the beginning of your article.

Remember, it’s important to keep your content relevant and enjoyable to read, not just packed with keywords. By matching your listicle with what people are already looking for, you’ll not only meet SEO criteria but also connect your content with your intended audience effectively.

Making Your Listicle A Hit On Social Media

Listicles work wonderfully on social media, making them more likely to go viral. Their brief, point-based format makes them perfect for sharing. Think of them as the digital version of quick snacks at a party — easy to consume and easy to share.

To get your listicle shared widely, create content that strikes a chord, sparks discussion, or aligns with current trends. As your listicle gets shared across platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it can start conversations and draw even more attention to your work.


Listicles are a powerful tool for capturing attention and delivering information in an easy-to-digest format. Whether you’re optimising for search engines or aiming for social media success, the key is to craft content that resonates and is easy to share.

Keep your topics relevant, your headlines enticing, and your information actionable.

Remember, a well-constructed listicle not only informs but also engages and entertains. So go ahead, create listicles that not only tick all the SEO boxes but also spark curiosity and encourage sharing.


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