AppSalon has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Through our time, we have discovered a universal truth. There are two types of online companies:

  1. Companies with large advertising budgets that never quite reach profitability; and
  2. Companies with great SEO that receive consistent qualified leads and sales.

Our goal is to help you become company #2, a company with a great digital presence. But you can't get there without playing by the rules of the SEO game.

What are the rules of SEO? The three most important are:

  1. Hire a content marketing company to produce great content that Google and other search engines will love.
  2. Use a content system that presents the technical elements that Google and other search engines reward.
  3. Drive relevant, real traffic to your website with a realistic advertising budget and marketing plan.

Using these three rules and some inventive processes, AppSalon has helped many businesses achieve their SEO objectives and a high Google ranking.

Want to find out more? Tell us what you're after and we can provide a free initial consultation to help you understand how to invest in and take control of this pivotal area of marketing.