Supercharge Your Side Hustle with AI-Powered Content Creation


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Innovate your content systems with ChatGPT + AppSalon

Learn how ChatGPT can change how you make content. Create unique, top-notch material tailored to you and your customers. Say goodbye to generic content and seemingly endless rewrites!

Leveraging our 2 years of AI assisted content creation will make your work easier and helps you craft exciting, personalised content easily. Join us and see how AI can speed up your side hustle like you never thought possible.

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Navigating the AI & ChatGPT threat as a small business

With AI producing more and more content, it’s easy for side hustlers and small businesses to feel adrift and uneasy. The fear of being swamped by low-grade content threatens your dreams of a sustainable income from utilising Google SEO, YouTube, or even just your organic Facebook posts.

But there’s no need to panic. As seasoned content creators, we’re here to guide you, showing you how to still thrive amidst the AI content wave. We’re aware of AI’s boundaries and the unique opportunities that human-crafted content offers. We’re committed to empowering you to steer your business confidently through this new landscape.

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Your mindset and focus matters

The constantly changing world of AI tools and endless information can be both helpful and confusing. With so many choices and new innovations launching every day, it can be hard to keep up and understand everything. This pressure to always stay updated can feel overwhelming and lead to a sense of inadequacy.


Will AI replace me?

Many worry about one thing: losing their job to AI. This fear can make people work harder to prove their worth, or just reject new technology. Are you always worried, thinking your best might not be enough against AI’s impact?

This fear pushes many to learn new skills and find other ways to earn money, hoping to protect themselves against fast-moving tech changes. You might be wondering, is this change happening too fast for me to keep up?

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A Solution: Organisation

For hard workers, the best part about AI is how it can save time and increase productivity, even when you’re tired and out of ideas.

Just by organising your time and using AI correctly, you can create endless amounts of high-quality content, check your work processes, and become more efficient. This can help you get ahead of competitors who might be struggling to keep up.

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How can this event help you?

Our intimate event in Sydney will reignite your passion and determination. We want to provide a program that gives you what you need without wasting time looking for useful information online.

We know time is precious, so we’ve designed this course to help you succeed in content creation without giving up on your dreams. We’ve packed years of knowledge and experience with wrangling AI into a simple format for you. This will let you focus on what’s important: growing your side hustle into a successful, satisfying venture.

We’ll help you reach your full potential, leaving you inspired, driven, and ready to grab future opportunities. With our support and guidance, you’re in charge of your future.

How can AI help your side hustle?

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ChatGPT for content generation
(e.g. scripting videos or writing blogs)

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ChatGPT for problem solving and data analysis

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Midjourney & DALL-E-2 for art ideation & design

What will you learn at the event?

Are you ready to make your side hustle amazing? Our event will show you how to use AI to transform your business. Get ready to:

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    See the power of AI in action: Hear from real people who have used AI to grow their side hustles. Learn from them and see real proof how quality content generation + AI can help you.

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    Learn how to craft actionable prompts and plan strategically: No more guessing! We’ll give you clear steps on how to use AI to grow your business. With a solid plan, you can work with more certainty and execute your side hustle as efficiently as possible.

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    Connect with trusted partners: In the innovation world, having the right partners is important. We’ll show you where to find trustworthy AI, marketing and outsourcing help. Work with those who understand AI and want to help you succeed. Working together, you can multiple your side hustle beyond what you thought possible!

Who should attend the event?

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    Side hustlers wanting to use AI to boost productivity

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    Small business owners interested in growing with AI

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    Freelancers aspiring to automate tasks using AI

  • Group 83

    Entrepreneurs wanting to improve content with AI tools

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    Forward-thinkers looking for quick benefits from AI in their own projects

Tickets are limited! Book now to reserve your seat.

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