What Is Keyword Cannibalization? How To Avoid & Fix It To Boost SEO

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Explaining Keyword Cannibalization: What It Really Means What Is Keyword Cannibalization? Keyword cannibalization is when you have more than one page on your website going after the same keyword or phrase. It’s like if you’ve written two posts about ‘starting a garden,’ and both are trying to be number one in search results for that…

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How To Search For Keywords: A Simple Guide For SEO Success

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Diving into the world of keyword search doesn’t have to be daunting. This guide is crafted to demystify the process, turning what might seem like a complex task into straightforward steps anyone can follow. Aimed at bloggers, business owners, or the simply curious, we’re keeping the language simple and the advice actionable. Ready to unlock…

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What Are Keywords? A Simple SEO Guide To Keywords For Beginners

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Understanding the Basics of Keywords Decoding SEO: What Are Keywords? Imagine you’re having a conversation with a search engine, you articulate your thoughts in a string of words — which, in SEO lingo, are your keyphrase targets. You type in what you’re looking for, like “marketing portfolio examples”, and the engine churns out a myriad…

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Long Tail Keywords: Find and Use Them for Traffic

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Unlocking the Secret to Organic Growth The Power of Long Tail Keywords in SEO Using long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy can be like finding a hidden pathway to organic growth – a less travelled road that leads straight to your target audience. Incorporating the keyword research feature, complete with a search volume filter, into…

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Improve Your Website Rank For Plumbers Through Targeted Keywords

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For plumbers across Australia, the secret to standing out in a crowded market lies not just in exceptional service but also in mastering the art of online visibility. Targeted keywords are your best ally in this quest, guiding potential customers straight to your website through the maze of search engine results. This article unpacks the…

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