Your Essential Guide to Conducting a WordPress Website Audit

Illustration of a computer screen with the WordPress logo and a magnifying glass, highlighting a WordPress website audit

Running a WordPress website audit is like giving your website a health check. It tells you what’s working, what’s not, and where you can improve. Whether you’re running a shop, sharing your thoughts, or showcasing your portfolio, an audit ensures your site stays in top shape and continues to meet your visitors’ needs. This step-by-step…

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Optimise Website Images: Quick Compress & Optimize WebP & JPEG

Illustration of smaller and larger images with an arrow pointing up, indicating the optimisation process for website use

Introduction to Image Optimisation The Essentials of Website Image Optimisation Optimising images is a pivotal step in website development that directly impacts its speed, user engagement, and SEO ranking. The art of image optimization lies in striking the perfect balance between maintaining visual quality and minimising file size. This involves choosing the right format (JPEG…

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