Your Essential Guide to Conducting a WordPress Website Audit

Illustration of a computer screen with the WordPress logo and a magnifying glass, highlighting a WordPress website audit

Running a WordPress website audit is like giving your website a health check. It tells you what’s working, what’s not, and where you can improve. Whether you’re running a shop, sharing your thoughts, or showcasing your portfolio, an audit ensures your site stays in top shape and continues to meet your visitors’ needs. This step-by-step…

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Mastering WordPress Linking: How to Add Hyperlinks, Links, and Anchor Pages for Seamless Navigation

Educational cover image for a guide on creating links within WordPress pages

Introduction To Linking The Power of Links in WordPress Unlocking WordPress linking magic isn’t just about making text clickable; it’s about creating a web of connections within your website that empowers both users and search engines. When you create a hyperlink url, you are essentially enabling a pathway that leads visitors directly to another relevant…

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Is WordPress Free? The True Cost of a WordPress Website

Illustration questioning "Is WordPress Free?" with the iconic WordPress logo on a bright blue background

Introduction What is WordPress? Starting out as a humble blogging tool in 2003, WordPress has metamorphosed into the world’s favourite content management system (CMS). Under the guidance of its creators, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, but owned by the non-profit WordPress Foundation, this globally known platform serves as more than just another blogging platform. Developed…

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Our experience of rebuilding a store in Shopify: Should I switch my shop from WordPress to Shopify?

Graphic comparison of WordPress and Shopify with their logos displayed on computer monitors, highlighting the debate for online store management

Shopify has been doing some very aggressive marketing in Australia and established a real brand with the majority of ecommerce stores seemingly using it. According to BuiltWith [1], 21% of ecommerce stores in Australia are using Shopify, with an additional 5% using Shopify Plus, compared to 17% of ecommerce stores using WooCommerce. Despite WordPress’ (and…

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Blog Post Examples: How to Write a Blog Guide With 15+ Blog Post Examples

Cover image for a blog post titled "Master Blogging: 15+ Blog Post Examples" with a graphic of a crown

Introduction Decoding the Blog Post Phenomenon Blog posting has evolved rapidly, constantly setting new standards in the digital world. Harnessing the power of money blogging, blog posts serve as a strategic digital tool driving traffic, boosting SEO, and building brand credibility. The power of an exceptional blog copy extends beyond mere written words – they…

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