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Nano Tanks Australia

About Nano Tanks Australia

Nano Tanks Australia offers premium nano fish, specialising in betta, guppies, tetras, aquarium supplies, tanks, and aquascaping. Their friendly team are ready to help all freshwater fishkeepers with their aquarium journey.

This pet fish store sets itself apart by focusing on smaller freshwater aquariums.  Having been steadily marketed by the owner, Nano Tanks Australia had a great brand, but the website required an overhaul and AppSalon's services were contracted.

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The Mission

AppSalon's mission was as follows:

1. Increase digital sales through the website channel
2. Rebuild various areas of the website and optimise the digital experience for conversions
3. Create a complete virtual fish store, allowing the business to function completely online
4. Provide low cost SEO and paid traffic from Google with innovative processes
5. Create a unique design and highly functional and infographic rich content and images
6. Create robust reporting and analytics to track the sales funnel
7. Implement a gamified loyalty program software system
8. Create a fully custom shop and cart templates that enable easy navigation of the online store

The goals were ambitious as the Nano Tanks Australia website is quite an extensive shop with hundreds of pages of content.

By pairing a fun and charming navigation design with more serious educational information about fishkeeping, this design strategy was pivotal in achieving all of the goals with a limited budget.

Exceptional Outcomes

The outcomes achieved by AppSalon in summary includes:

1. Creation of a custom designed and illustrated images to enhance the Nano Tanks Australia brand and improve the customer journey throughout the website and other digital channels
2. Combined SEM and SEO with an effective ROAS, allowing Nano Tank Australia to scale their reach organically online
3. Executing a design-led conversion optimisation process that quickly achieved noticeable results
4. Creating and implementing a fully virtual fish store, allowing the business to operate completely online and navigate through many unexpected hurdles such as multiple lockdowns, closure of the physical store, shipping delays and issues, and other technical issues
5. Through training, consultation, and collaboration, the website can now able to be fully utilised and developed by the business owner

These exceptional outcomes are all hoped for when employing a digital marketing agency by a small business.  We are proud to have achieved multiple success breakthroughs over our 2 years of intermittent work for David at Nano Tanks Australia.

Custom Designs

Nano Tanks Australia revels in the bright green as their primary brand colour.  All of these custom art designs are examples of effective conversion optimisers following a developed marketing strategy.

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