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About Best Spots

AppSalon was contracted by the food blogger Lisa Nguyen to help her rejuvenate her self made blogging website.  Lisa is an accomplished food reviewer with 1000 reviews on a variety of platforms, but was looking for a way to 'own' the content and benefit accordingly.

Best Spots Logo

The Mission

  • Create a design that was professional whilst utilising Lisa's quirkiness (for the greater good!)
  • Formation of a marketing and brand strategy as all reviews were Sydney based, Best Spots came into being
  • Creation of a vector map of Sydney, with regions that acted like large Local Government Areas
  • Creation of work processes and templates that allow a quick transformation from previous reviews to well written SEO content pieces

Exceptional Outcomes

  • Google impressions climbed like crazy these first 2 months, when it hasn't we've managed to quickly resolve the issue(s)
  • Using Google API to ensure business information is automatically first inserted and then updated
  • Graphics design come together nicely, the Kawaii elements bring a smile to user's faces
  • A powerful back engine to the website, with 800 categories and tags in use already helping the user search

Premium Website Design

Design isn't simply one draft and execution, it's an endless cycle of ideation, creation, and destruction.

This level of design quality has been achieved with only 1 or 2 revisions per page.

Best Spots Restaurant Review Blog

Homepage Animation - Press to Play

An idea that quickly and affordably become reality; Behold the interactive vector map.  Colourful and easy to use, future versions will include all sorts of mischief.

Every part of this map has its own vector written in custom code to record click events or display a graphic where needed.

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