Advertising in a crowded Marketplace

If you havn't read Purple Cow by Seth Godin, you may not be aware that the old ways of marketing are dead.

After all, is your Facebook feed filled with committee-approved tin soup ads?

Only if you are extremely interested in canned soup will you get a rather eye-catching shiny tin ad.

Traditional, generalised advertising is TOO EXPENSIVE.

Now you need:

A solution to your specific audiences 'must have' pain point that is



Feels familiar

Only then will your advertising dollars pay off.

Too often we find clients are happy to pay for website design, from designer/developers who arn't advertisers.

Or advertisers that think a pack of business cards and social media branding will bring you riches.

There is nothing wrong with hiring specialists - however marketing must be holistic and strategy driven, not scatterbrained (note: a hot mess advertising strategy may be appropriate for your target demographic.)

Ideally you need to connect to your audience, with a hook that gets notice, an offer that meets the market price, and a product/service you can afford to produce.

The AppSalon team have worked intensly with a range of businesses.

Our experienced team members have been involved in the advertising process in such organisations as Target America and Credit Savvy, to many smaller operations.

These include

Auto Electricians
Welding Shops
Skip Bin Operators
Gift Shop E-Commerce
Car Dealerships
Mental Health Professionals
Public Speakers

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