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By Melissa Ng   |   Last Updated 19 April 2024

Twodos is a to do list app designed by Adam Whitcroft, a software designer based in Victoria, BC. Known for creating the “Joey” app for new parents, Adam continues his trend of straightforward user-friendly designs with Twodos.

Key Features Of Twodos

Twodos’ main selling point is its simplicity and respect for user privacy. The app offers several notable features:

Task Management

Tasks or “todos” are divided into two categories/lists: “Sooner” and “Later”. New tasks are automatically placed at the top of “Sooner”, and you can move tasks between lists by tapping the arrows. Once you’ve completed a task, simply swipe to the right to mark it as done.

Screenshot of the Twodos list app showing how to add a new task and move tasks between lists
The to do list app that’s simple and hassle-free

To edit the task text, simply tap the text and make your changes. You can also add in emojis, which is a fun touch. And if you prefer to focus on one list in particular, you can collapse the other list.

Screenshot of the Twodos app showing collapsable lists and task names with emojis
Personalise your tasks with emojis and hide lists that aren’t needed

If you want to see your completed tasks, tap on the Archive. You can undo a task, clear completed tasks, and see some basic stats about a task such as when it was created, when it was completed, and how long it took to complete.

Screenshot of the Twodos app showing where to find the Archive and archived task stats
Find completed tasks and their stats in your Archive

Simple & Minimal Design

The beauty of Twodos is it’s simple, clean, and minimal user interface.

Users can easily switch between light and dark modes and choose their preferred accent colour. Below is an example of the green and purple accent colours but there are 8 to choose from: default (black/white), red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple.

The app also provides a satisfying haptic feedback when you perform various actions, such as completing a task or creating a new one.

Screenshots of the Twodos app in light and dark mode
Pick the theme or mode that suits your preference
Screenshots of the Twodos app with green and purple colour accents in the icons
Show off your personality with coloured icon accents


Twodos allows you to add widgets to your lock screen and home screen, giving you quick access to your lists. You can choose to add the Sooner list and/or the Later list widgets.

Screenshots of the Twodos app widgets on an iPhone home screen in small and medium sizes in light theme
Add Sooner and/or Later widgets to your iPhone home screen (light theme)
Screenshots of the Twodos app widgets on an iPhone home screen in small and medium sizes in dark theme
Add Sooner and/or Later widgets to your iPhone home screen (dark theme)
A screenshot of the Twodos app widget on the iPhone lock screen in light mode
See your todos on your iPhone home screen using the widgets

Data Storage & Privacy

Your tasks are stored directly on your device and backed up to iCloud. This setup ensures that your information is private and secure, with no third-party analytics or tracking involved.

Limitations Of Twodos

While Twodos serves its purpose well, it has several limitations:

Platform Availability

The app is only available for iOS, leaving Android users without access. There is an app on the Google Play Store called “twodos”, but that is a different app.

Furthermore, the app is only available on iPhones, so you can’t use the app on your Mac. If you want your to do list available across all your devices, you’re out of luck.

Lack Of Features

Yes, the lack of features are by design. There are no options for setting due dates, reminders, or push notifications on purpose, to keep the app simple and hassle-free. However, you also cannot add notes or descriptions to tasks, rearrange tasks in a particular order, or share lists with others.

Design Quirks

Some design elements of the app can be confusing. For example, there appears to be a checkbox next to each task, however, it is not clickable. It only becomes checked once you swipe the task complete.

A GIF of the Twodos app showing a task being marked as complete and disappearing from the list
Swipe a task to the right to mark it as complete

Additionally, the icons for “Sooner” and “Later” are too similar for my liking. But that’s just a very minor thing to pick on and something that is only personal preference.

If you’re like me and have what feels like a never-ending to do list, your list will become very long and won’t necessarily look super clean when both lists are visible.

Lastly, on an iPhone 14, the task text is truncated after 34 characters even though there doesn’t appear to be a character limit on the task text length. So make sure you’re tasks are short and snappy!

Screenshot of the Twodos app showing some design quirks such as truncated task names and scrollable lists
Remember to keep your lists and task names short for a tidy look

Who Is Twodos For?

Twodos is ideal for individuals looking for a straightforward, minimal to-do list app on their iPhone without all the bells and whistles.

Would I Use Twodos?

The short answer is no. I’m the type of list person who needs cross-device compatibility, due dates, reminders, descriptions and more. My list taking needs to plug and work into my entire life and work project management system, which currently sits in Notion. I need the bells and whistles!

But! Twodos is not made for me. So, if you’re in search of a minimal, no-frills task manager and are an iPhone user, Twodos might be the perfect fit.

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