10 Examples Of Great Listicles That Get Traffic

Image showing the text "10 Great Listicles" with numbers 1 to 10 scattered around

Understanding Listicles: A Simple Guide What Is A Listicle And Why They Grab Attention A listicle combines the words ‘list’ and ‘article.’ It presents information in numbered points, making it quick and easy to read. For example, titles like “10 secrets to…” or “5 easy ways to…” instantly grab your attention, compelling you to click.…

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How to Use AI for SEO in 2024: The Best AI SEO Writer and SEO Tools For Content Planning

Minimalistic graph illustration with an upward trend, symbolising the impact of AI on SEO performance

Introduction Defining AI for SEO AI for SEO refers to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in improving the performance of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs), specifically to enhance search visibility, content relevance, and overall ranking on SERPs. Such artificial intelligence tools go beyond simple tasks, they are capable of analysing and…

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How To Blog Using AI And Actually Enjoy It: Top 10 Problems With AI Blogging & How To Fix Them

Illustration of a character with a television head labeled 'AI', symbolising the fusion of artificial intelligence with the personal touch in blogging

At AppSalon, I’ve been writing gen AI assisted articles and product descriptions for years now, old tools like Jasper were mostly unimaginative, but sometimes brilliant, generators of filler content, structure and ideation. This is super important when writing monotonous marketing content. I found that I can only write so much that doesn’t light the soul…

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Blog Post Examples: How to Write a Blog Guide With 15+ Blog Post Examples

Cover image for a blog post titled "Master Blogging: 15+ Blog Post Examples" with a graphic of a crown

Introduction Decoding the Blog Post Phenomenon Blog posting has evolved rapidly, constantly setting new standards in the digital world. Harnessing the power of money blogging, blog posts serve as a strategic digital tool driving traffic, boosting SEO, and building brand credibility. The power of an exceptional blog copy extends beyond mere written words – they…

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Clickbaitify: The best Zingers, only 2 inputs away

🚀 Introducing Clickbaitify: The Game-Changer in speedy content creation! 🌟 Hi and Behold, Social Media Enthusiasts, Click Bait and win the best line for your marketing! 100% free, 100% gamified, and 50% useful :-). It’s only 50% because we can’t promise a great zinger every generation, but’s thats ok – just click again to receive…

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