Face Dance vs. MyHeritage: A Comparative Review of Two Face Animation Apps

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By Gareth Henry   |   Last Updated 30 April 2023

In today's digitally connected world, countless apps are available for almost any purpose, and animation apps are no exception. Two apps that have recently gained attention on the internet are Face Dance and MyHeritage. Both apps allow users to animate their faces from still pictures, but they also have additional features that set them apart. In this review, we will compare the two apps, discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of each.

Face Dance

Light-hearted fun for all ages

Put a Face picture in it, select from a variety of songs / viral / famous sayings templates, and combined both into a small video file.  Output quality is mixed, but the right silly combo will make you giggle.

Face Dance is an app that provides users a simple and entertaining way to animate still pictures of their faces. With just one click, users can bring their photos to life using modern songs or sound bites and create amusing animations perfect for sharing with friends and family.

The app is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, when you first open the app, it prompts you for your payment information to access the three-day free trial. Of course, you can click away and begin accessing the app's free version, but that initial payment prompt (that doesn't appear to be optional) seems quite deceptive. At the time of writing, the cost is $6.99 per week or $46.99 for lifetime access.

How The Face Dance Free Trial Works

The Good

Face Dance's ease of use and the ability to quickly generate amusing animations make it a hit for users of all ages. It can provide hours of entertainment, whether you're using it to make yourself sing a funny song or create a duet with a friend.

If you want to create a special birthday message for a friend, animate an old photo, or make your pet sing a silly song, Face Dance will get the job done!

The Bad

The app's simplicity means there might be a little long-term appeal for some users. The entertainment value might wear off quickly for those seeking more advanced or sophisticated features.

After exploring most of the features, I can't imagine there to be much need to subscribe to this app on an ongoing basis, let alone purchase a lifetime subscription.

The Ugly

While there are no significant concerns with the app, the animations can sometimes be hit or miss in terms of quality, depending on the original photo and the chosen animation. In addition, lip-syncing can be poor, with the animation and sound being entirely out of sync, even following the guidelines.

If you search for reviews online, other app users have a similar consensus. Many users complain that their results look different from the samples provided.

What do you think of our examples below?

However, users’ biggest gripe is: How to cancel Face Dance subscription?

At first glance, there isn't any way to cancel your payment through the app. So, to cancel your Face Dance payment on an Apple device, you must go to the Apple App Store, tap on your profile and go to the Subscriptions area to cancel the subscription.

While we haven't tested on an Android device, you would assume the process would be similar. Go to the Google Play Store, go to your subscriptions, and select the subscription you want to cancel.


A Comprehensive App for Tracing Your Family Tree and Animate Photos

When you want to see your ancestors jive like its 1699.

MyHeritage is a more comprehensive app (also available on desktop), combining the ability to animate photos with genealogy features such as analysing DNA and creating family trees. This app appeals to users interested in learning more about their family history and having fun with old photographs.

MyHeritage and Face Dance make great content for family chat groups or social media. MyHeritage excels in the family content area combining two great content ideas into one. Speaking to the dead has never been more palatable (or is it?)

There is a range of different subscription options depending on the features you would like to use. You can start with a basic free plan or go all the way up to the Ultimate Package, which at the time of writing costs AUD239 for the first year and AUD349 annually after that.

The Good

MyHeritage allows users to delve into their family history, creating a more personal connection to the past. Additionally, the app's photo animation feature can bring old photos of ancestors or loved ones to life, providing a unique way to share and preserve memories.

The Bad

The app's focus on genealogy and DNA analysis might be overwhelming or less interesting for users primarily interested in photo animation. Some picky users might find the AI face animations silly rather than using their imagination to picture the past. The animation is also limited to making the subject appear lifelike. If you're expecting an accurate singing, dancing ancestor, look elsewhere.

The Ugly

DNA kits can raise privacy concerns, as users' DNA information could be recorded and stored indefinitely. Additionally, the animations created by the app can sometimes be eerie, which might unsettle or disturb some users and their relatives. So, use good judgement here or share with a smaller group of family members with a healthy dose of black humour.

What's The Best Face Animation App?

Choosing between Face Dance and MyHeritage ultimately depends on what you want in an app. If you want a simple, entertaining way to animate your face with modern songs and sayings and share the results with friends and family, Face Dance is the better choice.

However, if you want to explore your family history and realistically animate old photos, MyHeritage offers a more comprehensive experience. Just be aware of the potential privacy concerns and the possibility of creating animations that might be unsettling for some viewers.

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